e open upon Thady Ryan, an elderly man, clad in a tweed jacket and Wellingtons, walking the ditch and bank country followed by his little terrier, Chipper. It is a typical Irish winter day with a lowering sky and just a blue line of the Galteen mountains showing in the distance. Thady wades a creek while the terrier lingers behind. Thady turns and calls to the dog..."Chip...Chip... c'mon!" turns and re-wades the creek. He gathers the terrier in his arms and climbs the bank, "There now, we don't want you to get wet." As Thady carries the terrier up into the meadow, we bring up music and voice over..."We were brought up in a very simple life."

  Walking the Hounds

And as Thady moves over across the open meadow, "We were always happy here. I can't believe it's been forty years." The camera pans back to watch Thady cross the open meadow followed by the terrier as the voice over continues, Thady reminisces and states his philosophy. This is a simple, intimate introduction to Thady Ryan and draws the portrait of a gracious and eloquent man who has the capacity to fill the screen with the presence of a consummate actor. We follow his journey through a woods, across a gate and into a close-up. As Thady's face fills the screen we fade into black.

House Through Trees  

To music we show a series of shots that explore the Scarteen manor house, the brooding Irish countryside, rooks, vintage photographs, all of which serve to establish the mood and ambiance of a place and a way of life. We move in and out of the house touching on moments of history in photographs, silver cups, mementoes, etc., and fade to black.

We come up abruptly in the middle of a foxhunt. Everything is violent and close with traces of movement and flashes of color and it is a moment before we realize that we have been thrust into the middle of a hunt, have in fact (through

the hand-held use of a miniature steadi-cam) been sat upon a horse and are galloping to the hounds. We hear the distant bay and feel the hedges whip by us, hear the thunder of hooves and the distant cries of the riders and for one exhilarating moment come to experience the never-to-be-forgotten thrill of the chase. Bit by bit the camera sorts out the logic of the hunt and explains it to us. It is a complex and wholly fascinating ritual, enacted with the precision of a miniature military maneuver.

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