Damon Sinclair - Director Damon Sinclair's background spans feature films, award-winning documentaries, and numerous national television commercials.

Mr. Sinclair brings to the film high-quality production standards. Most recently he worked on the noted award-winning feature length documentary STONE READER, currently showing in theaters. He is adept at pulling the best from real people and real situations, especially in the heat of the moment, a talent that gives THE LAST HUNT emotional, up-close and personal moments.

Mr. Sinclair is also noted for his innovative technical skill, as evidenced by his early involvement with the Steadicam and Skycam development. This unusual technical background, combined with Mr. Sinclair's sensitivity to the subject matter, gives the production a unique creative dimension.
Samuel Slater - Producer Sam Slater is considered to be one of the equestrian world's foremost film producers. He has been involved in riding and foxhunting all of his life, and has hunted with the Scarteen Hounds many times. Slater brings to the production a thorough knowledge of the sport as well as years of production background. He has overseen numerous productions both in the U.S. and England, including the Royal Windsor Carriage competition, Maryland Hunt Cup and Colonial Cup steeplechases (PBS one-hour), and, most recently, the Chesterland Three-Day competition, narrated by Burgess Meredith. Slater has served as coordinating liaison for NBC's coverage of the last four Breeders' Cup Steeplechases.
Samuel Slater - Producer Ronald Blumer has written and/or co-produced sixty documentary films, including three series with Bill Moyers, CREATIVITY, A WALK THROUGH THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, and THE U.S. CONSTITUTION.

For PBS, he has written & co-produced the six-part series, LIBERTY! THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, a three-part mini-series on the life of BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, and AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPHY, A CENTURY OF IMAGES. He also co-wrote episode five of Ric Burns' NEW YORK.

In addition, Ronald Blumer has written a film on the 1929 stock market crash for the series THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, and films in the PBS series DANCING and DISCOVERING WOMEN, worked as writer/co-director on the Turner Broadcasting series PORTRAIT OF AMERICA, written a one hour dramatic film, EMPIRE OF REASON, on the ratification of the constitution, and wrote the Audio Cassette version of IACCOCA for Bantam Books. He wrote the original treatments for a six-hour dramatic series on the life of Prime Minister Mackenzie King for the CBC and for THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE's four-hour special on Lyndon Johnson. He conceived and scripted 6 interactive exhibits for the new National Constitution Center in Philadelphia and is currently writing a NOVA episode and a series on the life of Alexander Hamilton.

His work has received thirty major awards including four Emmy awards and a George Foster Peabody award.
Samuel Slater - Producer Joshua Waletzky is an Academy Award-nominated and Emmy Award-winning Editor who has worked on numerous notable films, from HARLAN COUNTY, USA in 1976 to THE ENDURANCE: SHACKLETON'S LEGENDARY ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION, and his most recent THE AGING BRAIN for PBS.

For more information on Josh please visit Joshua Waltezky.
Samuel Slater - Producer John Califra, composer for THE LAST HUNT, has written numerous scores for a variety of projects from the Academy Award-winning short film THE PERSONALS, to a new composition to accompany the silent film NOSFERATU, to the Emmy award-winning PBS documentary WOMEN IN NEWS.
Samuel Slater - Producer Joseph Vandergast "captures the moment" in a way few can match. While working as a news cameraman in the mid-seventies, he filmed the commercials for Jimmy Carter's fledgling campaign, and the success of his work defined the way political ads have been made ever since. Joe specializes in a spontaneous documentary form and most recently shot the award-winning feature-length documentary STONE READER. He has a knack for anticipating the action and getting the camera to the right spot at the right moment. He has established himself as a top-flight commercial cinematographer, shooting national commercials and television shows, and continues to film a broad range of important issue-oriented productions.
Samuel Slater - Producer Bruce Litecky is a well-known Sound Recordist for his work on hundreds of national TV commercials and documentaries, and as sound mixer for shows such as NBC-TV's HOMICIDE and the HBO drama OZ.
Samuel Slater - Producer Mark Moskowitz, is the Director of the feature film documentary STONE READER, winner of the Audience Award for Best Feature Film (a first for a nonfiction narrative) and a Special Grand Jury Honor at the 2002 Slamdance Festival. He is known for his issue-oriented media, including more than three thousand political spots for hundreds of races nationally and worldwide.
Rea Redifer - Writer Rea Redifer is the writer of the film. Mr. Redifer has written two feature-length films, as well as the documentary "1864", which was nominated for an Academy Award. This will be his fourth film with Sinclair and Slater. He recently won the National Aviation Book Award for his book, "Once Upon a Canvas Sky", an account of fighter pilots in the First World War. The unusual quality of Mr. Redifer's writing style will bring the production a distinctive form.
Samuel Slater - Producer With over twenty-five years experience as an entertainment lawyer, Mr. Murphy maintains offices in West Chester, Pennsylvania and New York City. He has been a frequent lecturer on entertainment law and business at film festivals, film schools and many other educational institutions and associations, and is an adjunct professor at Widener University School of Law where he teaches entertainment law. His practice encompasses representing major and independent entertainment companies, projects and talent throughout the U.S. in the film, television, publishing, and theatre, industries from development and financing through production, distribution and other forms of exploitation.

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