Production Credits:

Produced & Directed by
Damon Sinclair

Produced by
Samuel Slater

Edited by
Josh Waletzky

Written by
Ron Blumer

Director of Photography
Joseph Vandergast

Bruce Litecky

John Califra

Special Visual Effects
Garrett Brown

Production Manager
Steve Secore

Associate Producer
Amory Weld , Kathleen Soulliere

Assistant Cameraman
Jim Marshall

Associate Producer
Rea Redifer


Additional Photography by
Damon Sinclair

Additional Sound
Steve Secore and Sam Slater

Additional Editing
Kathleen Soulliere, Jessica Goodyear and Warren Pickersgill

Music Performed by
The Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra

Conducted by
Luc Brewaeys

Music Recording Engineer
Pavel Karlik

Music Supervisor
Josh Waletzky

Riding Instructor
Lousie Van Clef

Additional Foxhunting Photography
William Buckley

Additional Writing
Rea Redifer, Alisteer McHarg

Contribriting Producer
Mark Moskowitz

Production Counsel
Alex Murphy

Logo Design
Kathy Kuhl

Film Poster Design
Lisa Benn

Web Design
Naveen Media

Film Transfer
Shooters Post and Transfer

Bob Lovejoy

Additional Sound Mix
Bob Collum

Computer Consultant
Don Widdoes

Film Processing
NFL Films

Computer Editing by
D-Vision , AVID


Thanks to:
Jill Fanning
Joy Valentine
Kathleen Crompton
Denys McCoy
Garrett Brown
Robert Carswell
Abel Domingues
David Obrian
Ray Brady
Dick Defrane
Michael MacEwan
Charles C. Trench
David Mead
Ken Rictor
Irish Film Board
The Ryan Family
The People of the Scarteen Hunt

and of course
Thady Ryan

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